Friday, 20 August 2010

Blog Hopping...

Hello again,

Am still getting used to using my blog, uploading pictures, creating links and adding gadgets to my side bars... think I will have a more in depth play around at the weekend!

Anyway, I have been looking at other people's blogs and trying to figure what looks good and what I might like to include in mine.  One of the things I've noticed is that loads of people are extremely generous and regularly give away 'Blog Candy' (free crafting goodies!).  Some of these blogs require you to give them a mention or make comments on their boards, so I am suggesting you check out A Thousand Sheets of Paper  to read her lovely blog and take part in her amazing giveaway!  You should also take a look at Handmade by Gem Handmade too.  I'm trying to figure out how to put a link to these giveaways in my sidebar, so as soon as I know how, it will be on there!

I've also been looking at other interesting websites - could spend hours on on Folksy and am thinking of possibly starting up my own little shop on there.... which gets me wondering, how to people find the time to work, look after their family and homes, regularly update their blogs, see friends and still find time to make cards?!  I struggle and I only live with my boyfriend!

Love H x


  1. Yeah I like Folksy, definitely work a visit. ;) x

    Suzanne @ Cake in a Box

  2. Hi Hannah, ah I love Folksy too :) xx